About Don White

Projects Succeed and Teams Win when I document them

My Mission

Do you need IT documentation or a usable Website?

My reputation depends upon my ability to make my customers shine.

My Values

No Buzz Words, Double-Talk, or Surprises.
One Project—One Price

I deliver.

My Results

Superb technical, marketing, and Web content.

Content that meets your needs and those of your audience.


Open-source Content Management Systems draw visitors to your Website!

Drawing on my experience and the thousands of extensions available, I will build your Website and Web content to increase your clientele and profit.

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STC WinnerWhen you bring me onboard, you’re bringing on an award-winner.

My awards include:

  • Distinguished Technical Communication
  • Awards of Merit

My experience is with federal and state governments, pharmaceuticals, health insurance leaders, and non-profits.

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Your Message is My Business

Professional. On-Time. On-Budget. Exceed Expectations

I understand small businesses. You need effective communication products but your resources are limited. I deliver on time at reasonable rates.


I provide a 90-day warranty following acceptance of the final deliverable. If you find an issue, I will make the change for free.

I Make The Difference

Experience. Dedication to Mission. Professional.
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