Business Communication

I can help you successfully and efficiently disseminate your marketing content to your audiences.

Practically all attempts to define “marketing communications,” are (purposefully) vague. Let’s use this for a start:

“All the methods a company uses to communicate with its customers and possible customers, for example the internet, advertising, etc.”

Cambridge Online Dictionaries

That’s only good as applied broadly. I can help your marketing communications effort by providing you these content products:

  • Marketing Email (not SPAM!)
  • Banner ads
  • Blogs

Promotional Materials

I produce high-quality, readable and understandable content for any targeted audience. This content includes—but is not limited to:

 Press Releases

These materials may be produced for various media. For instance, your newsletters may be online (similar to an organizational blog) or produced for printing and distribution, or both. All of these content types may be published online in or as Website articles and also offered to the public (or a segment thereof) as downloadable PDF documents.

Web Marketing

I can optimize your Website for the major search engines (SEO). Given proper parameters, I can work with you to produce effective, thematic blogs that support your branding, products, and service. I can also help you improve your presence on the various social media available, including:


Community Involvement

I can help you and your company by preparing documents supporting your community and charity events as wells as fliers and other content to support booths & product demonstrations.

White Papers

Are you trying to publicize a service, product, or product line? Advertisements and press releases certainly help.

Have you also considered promoting your products or service with a white paper?

The phrase, “white paper,” comes from our neighbors across the pond. British government officials developed position papers known as “white papers” to describe government policies. British officials now call these “Command Papers,” but the original term still carries an expectation or anticipation of authority with its use.

If you plan to issue a white paper, readers expect it will contain much more than “marketing hype.” Authors need to include considerable research to show, for example, how a product, service, or policy supports or advances current standards or practices.

 I will thoroughly research all aspects of the premise on which you wish to base your white paper.

 I will prepare the images—graphs and pictures—used, if any and deliver a finished document within two weeks from the start of the project.

 If you wish, I will defend the paper before a “murder board” comprised of experts you choose.

The number of pages in a white paper is not relevant. The validity and relevance of the facts cited to support your proposition are most important.