Your Continuing Mission

You constantly evaluate ways to improve your bottom line by delivering greater value to your customers.

Those who use your products or services must be able to use them easily, so communication is an important—critically important—element in your business process.

Profitable communication depends as much upon a thorough understanding of the intended recipients, clear wording, proper grammar, and efficient organization as on a proficient grasp of technologies and topics. We are professional technical communicators, skilled and successful at these tasks.

Choose Skill

Avoid the documentation problems others experience with their projects—I have the experience to solve or avoid problems.

  • Do you want someone to work for you who has years of experience writing for federal and state agencies and corporations?
  • Do you look for a company whose work has earned awards from professional organizations?

How Can I Help?

The best accepted tool to manage the continuous improvement of processes and products is the PDCA method. The four phases are:


  • Projects seldom succeed without a clear, easily understandable planning. You and your staff develop the requirements and design for the project plan.
  • I document the plan so that the planners and the doers can understand it easily.


  • Managers, team leaders, and teams do the things called for by the project plan and customers depend on your instructions to use your products.
  • I author clear, well-organized instructions for each appropriate audience so that those who do may do successfully.


  • Staff evaluates the success of a project by the data they receive from test results, help desk logs, and other forms of customer or client feedback.
  • I produce clear, understandable test plans and analyses of test results customer feedback from help desk logs and other sources.

Act or Adjust

  • Was the project successful? Did its achievement point to the need for operational changes or not? Management needs answers to these questions—answers based on data, not conjecture or bias—to ensure continued success through continuous improvement.
  • I produce fact-based reports and analyses that managers can easily use.