The Goat Locker

What Is A Goat Locker?

More Than Just Sea Stories
A Navy Chief understands this term—it is the one location on a boat where a Chief can go and vent, commiserate, or swap Sea Stories with the other Goats.

A “boat” is that most admired and feared of warships—the submarine. In my time, only boats had a Goat Locker. A surface combatant, or “target,” had a Chief Petty Officers’ Mess.

Navy Chiefs are the Old Goats and the Goat Locker is the Chiefs’ Demèsne. No one—other than the C.O.—enters without permission of the Chiefs who are present, who use the Goat Locker to compare notes and resolve issues—there are no problems to the Chief, only issues—affecting their divisions, personnel, and their boat.

So, pour yourself some real Navy coffee, pull up a chair, and…Get In the Conversation!