Remote Work—Low Overhead

How do you profit—increase your profit—if your contractor works from a remote site?

  • Do personnel or staff expenses eat the lion’s share of any company’s budget.
  • How can you manage a contractor’s work if he or she isn’t sitting in a cubicle at your site?

Let’s face it: the classic personnel management model—on-site observation and monitoring—may not be best for your bottom line today, particularly with subcontractors you take on occasionally. It’s expensive to bring in a new employee or a contractor.

Many companies see technical communicators as overhead and have, therefore, out-sourced this support as much as possible. That’s where I fit best.

Low Overhead

The cost of doing business always rises. Almost everything seems to be rising, except profits. Business is all about profit, of course. Today, your costs grow exponentially due to:

  • Commuting & transportation
  • Leasing office space
  • Purchases or leases of office equipment
  • Software license fees
  • Staff turnover

James River Technical Communications saves you money by working for you from my site rather than yours. You don’t have to provide me with:

  • Office or cubicle space
  • Telephone and e-mail
  • Computer workstations
  • Software licenses
  • Admin support

Of course…Some environments require on-site work. I am happy to work within that framework, too.

You don’t pay me for the time I would wait for the equipment or software you’d have to order for a new on-site accession. I go to you for interviews and project meetings and I am available throughout the day for phone calls or online meetings. I use a commercial Citrix-based professional online meeting tool that eases your work—you won’t have to mess with scheduling the use of your corporate system.

And, you won’t expend any of your resources to support and manage me. I manage myself and deliver your materials on-time and within your budget.

What Do You Provide?

Depending upon the project, you may need to provide a VPN or FTP access to your development system.

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