Troubleshooting Problems

You’ve experienced problems with your documentation projects?

Haven’t we all? Here are some problems, or issues, I’ve fixed for clients.

Inflexible Schedule

It’s show time! Product testing is due now, the delivery date looms on the horizon, and you don’t have the documentation you know you need.


There are no miracles: no one will come in today and deliver your finished writing project yesterday. You can, however, bring me onboard to deliver your documents quickly and efficiently.

Lost Bucks

For reasons beyond the individual’s control, the writer you've brought in isn’t able to work. If you let the writer go, you’ll repeat the “new-to-the-project” learning curve. That means time, and time is money. Plus, you can’t recover the money you’ve paid for the writer’s time and services so far.


Fixed-fee pricing reduces stress on you and your budget. With me, you pay one fee for your documentation.

Muddled Focus

The documentation you have just doesn’t read well or the versions don’t “track.” How can you push your new product out the door to meet the marketing department’s rather, oh, optimistic deadline?


Your legacy documents were prepared piecemeal. I will plan a documentation road map for your business. Then, all communications will have a similar look and feel and present your information as you wish it to be.

Conversion Impossible

Your legacy documents were prepared using different software and by different writers in different, and divergent, voices from that you use today. For that matter, the documents you have that were created with Microsoft Office® XP don’t work so well with Office® 2010. You know that those legacy documents have to be brought into the 21st century. But, how?


There’s a lot of software to publish information: Word, Framemaker, InDesign, Epic. Are you looking for a single–source solution? Maybe XML makes sense. You’ll want me to quickly identify the best and most efficient publishing tool for you.

Sick Training Syndrome

Customers who take training you provide don’t learn your product. They feel the content is about the bells and whistles instead of howto use your widget to do their work. Most comments indicate their confusion. Who’s the most confused?


I learn how people use your products and builds user guides, presentations, and computer–based training from that knowledge.

The important thing is, there are solutions to your documentation issues. In each case, the starting point is to use a skilled practitioner who has the right tools.

I quickly evaluate your situation and deliver results with speed and clarity.