Add Value for Your Customers and Your Company

The design and implementation of your documents is almost as important as the technical design of your product.

After all, your sales will be directly affected by the customers’ ability to use your product. Even if your product meets or exceeds every functional need of your customers, they have to understand its use.

I have the experience and skill to design your documentation to meet the needs of customers for products and services.

Increase Value

I understand and implement usability best practices as well as proven writing and organization skills. These, by themselves, add value to your products by reducing confusion among your customers or Website visitors.

Best Practices

I help you use these best practices to increase the value of your communication products:


 Audience Analysis



 Content Organization & Orientation

 Web Standards (W3C)

 Search Engine Marketing

 Search Engine Optimization

A strong, professional technical communicator is your customer’s advocate to you and your team’s advocate to your customers.