Web Design

I specialize in designing and developing Websites for my clients using open-source Content Management Systems.

Mission-critical content can change daily—for instance, product or service offerings, pricing, and promotions.

If you run a blogging Website, your content changes frequently, too—and usually on an unscheduled basis.

Managed content is the key to success. Large companies use content management systems, or content portals, to handle their presence on the World-Wide Web. Even though your business is far smaller than that of an IBM, you still need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to your market and customers.

  • Successful Websites are not born and maintained on whims
  • Good sites are driven by the needs of your potential customers—Web visitors
  • You create products or sell services you design to meet the needs of your market
  • Your customer’s or visitor’s needs and expectations come first

Efficient, Effective Development & Deployment

I create Websites using proven open-source content management systems such as Joomla!, Drupal, and WordPress. If yours is a static HTML site, I can convert it to use a CMS within three weeks (or less, depending on the complexity of your site). I will:

 Establish requirements and specifications with you and your staff

 Create the underlying database and implement the content management system

 Establish the information architecture to efficiently catalog your Web content

 Ensure that your site conforms with current best practices for Search Engine Optimization

 Ensure that your site complies with Web accessibility and user design best practices

 Move your site to your domain quickly and efficiently with minimum down-time


Your cost will be very reasonable compared with others. I will offer you a fixed-fee contract based on my interviews with you and your staff that establish the business and functional requirements for your site. You will not be charged by the hour for my work.

Your price will not change—unless you add more to your project after I begin work.