Your Web Content

What drives people to your Website? What keeps them coming back?

Content is King!

Your content attracts and retains visitors; visitation directly influences your customer base. The term “customer” applies to all Websites, whether your site sells commercial products and services or not.

Web Content Skills

The skills required to produce effective Web content are:


  • Know your audience and write for them
  • Create punchy headlines that attract (favorable) attention
  • Write inversely—bring the mission-critical information into the first paragraph; order the more mundane details for subsequent blocks


  • Enforce and reinforce the brand
  • Thematically interweave site content to support the organization’s business plan
  • Meld the organization’s business needs with the information needs of your customers


  • Understand and effectively use Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) tagging to improve search engine indexing of your content
  • Assign and modify styles in the appropriate Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to achieve optimal display
  • Assign rational metadata that directly relates to the content in each separate Web content item
  • Ensure compliance with overall site template standards
  • Where possible, comply with World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C) HTML and CSS standards

How Can I Help?

I help you make your Website to do what you want by:

 Identifying the content needs of the audience you want to attract

 Writing content focused on your audience

 Assigning metadata that best promotes your content to your primary audience

 Ensuring compliance with your templating and W3C standards

 Providing cost-effective site maintenance services