Superior Content = Enhanced Profits

Your engineers or developers excel at their jobs—but they may not be the best writers.

Engineering a product and designing the supporting documentation follow similar principles but require different skills and training. If you depend upon proposals to win new contracts, you need to communicate your concepts effectively to win new business.

You depend on consumers to use your products and services. Attract them.

Clearly communicate your value over that of your competitors. Provide content that strongly contributes to your profits:

  • Marketing e-mail
  • Brochure
  • Flyer
  • Newsletter
  • User guide
  • Instruction set
  • Website

Because communication is so vital to your success, a skilled professional technical communicator is important to you and your business. When you consider the role of technical communication in your enterprise, consider how I will help you increase your profit.

Time & Cost

Time is ticking off…and so are you. Your expenses increase with each call for service. Development costs increase every time an engineer or programmer misinterprets a poorly-written requirement. You’ve seen requirements—suppose one reads “Brew Coffee.” How many different design specifications can flow from that overly-general requirement?

When a developer is confused by unclear requirements or specifications, time—and money—are lost.

Customers & Your Help Desk

Maybe you don’t understand why so many customers call your Help Desk staff. Worse, your costs rise with every call.

Your customers don’t like calling for help, anyway. Neither do you.

You really need good, cost-effective, and efficient documentation. You need to obtain this for a price you can afford and that you know won’t change. You need communication products that are every bit as good as the widget or system you’ve produced.

Skillful, professional technical communication is vital to your success.