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These files may be of some use to technical writers, editors, and project managers.

Dr. JoAnn Hackos’s presentation describing the benefits and requirements to support single-sourcing.

Content Management Lifecycle

The CM Lifecycle poster helps explain the content management process.

Data Flow Diagramming Technique

Detailed description of the data flow diagramming technique by Kenneth A. Kozar.

Information Mapping Overview

Overview of information mapping by Information Mapping.

The Information Model

Presentation by Bill Hackos, PhD. and JoAnn Hackos, PhD. about information models—analysis, job flows uses, requirements.

Jargon to Avoid

Compilation of jargon (and definitions) that technical writers should avoid (STC).

Presentation by Carol M. Barnum, Ph.D. describing the role of usability testing in producing good documentation and good products.

The Indexing Revival

Article by Seth A. Maislin, Senior Member, Boston Chapter STC published in Intercom about the “lost” art of indexing technical documentation and its revival.

The Power of Scenarios

Dr. Janice Reddish’s presentation to IEEE Professional Communication Society about scenarios and personas in documentation.

When Users Hate Help

Presentation by Dr. JoAnn Hackos about the pitfalls of using Help documentation for product users.